Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Eat Passion?

Every foodie knows that food is so much more than just food. We use certain dishes to make us feel better, to bring back memories, to satisfy parts of our souls that we can touch in no other way. Food marks every major occasion of our lives because food does so much more than fill our bellies. It does more even than merely define us. It creates us. And for me, food is all about escape. A simple plate of something new, and I'm on an instant vacation. Exotic flavors have the power to transport us to new places, new countries. Flavors can take us places. Try to bite a firm yellow pineapple and not think about sunshine on palm branches.

Food can teach us about new cultures and new ways of thinking too. To know the food of a people is to know something about their philosophies. How they treat food says something about how they view life and how they work to live life to its fullest. Every dish is a history lesson. From the simple fish dishes of Scandinavia, the stone ground corn of Mexico, to the small cut, quick fried meats and veggies of China, everything in cooking has a reason. None of it is without purpose, and there's always a story behind that purpose.

Food can transport us in other ways as well. Good cooking can make the simplest food rich, enriching the people who eat it. Likewise, even lobster is worthless if prepared improperly. (Tell you more about that one later!) Cooking is transformative. Eating is a continuation of that transformation inside us. We cook, we eat, we live, we change.

Well, I'm off now to discover more about what makes us... us! More stories, more philosophies, more lifestyles, more recipes, more flavors! And I'll share everything I learn right here, including some of my favorite old recipes and stories. So as you also go forth and eat, always remember:

Whatever you eat, eat with passion and you will always be satisfied.

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